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We specialize in creating branding solutions for your business – large or small, national or local. Wrap Kings is your one-stop supplier for vehicle wraps, graphics and fleet branding management, and installation nationwide. A vehicle wrap is an incredibly powerful advertising tool for businesses. It has been statistically proven that a vehicle wrap can garner between 30,000 to 70,000 views per day. This builds brand awareness, sales growth, and positive marketing. Our goal at Wrap Kings is to build vehicle wraps that stand out and get your business NOTICED! It is incredibly valuable to effectively market your business in a competitive environment. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your impact advertising goals. Aside from having a design department that cumulatively has 30+ years experience, our company is fully 3M Certified and proud member of the UASG (United Application Standards Group). Please look through our ever-expanding vehicle wrap gallery below to get an idea of our capabilities. For more information, contact our professional sales team today at: info@wrapkings.com or (909) 763-1032.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT Paint Protection Products protect the leading edge of your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt or insects through the application of a thin and virtually invisible urethane paint protection film. This foil helps bumpers, front parts, thresholds, lights, edging and other parts of car body parts from damage. It is suitable for private and company cars, race cars, replacement cars, taxis, rental cars etc. All cars which are extremely exert. This type of foil has many ways to be utilized.

We’ve collected our experience in tinting over the course of thousands of installations. We have learned that to reach the best results, the most important thing is good communication with our clients. Our experiences have helped us to choose the best material from the global market of tinting foils for you. Tint Kings does tinting of windows in top quality. Of course, without removing the glass and from one piece of foil. Model and tint film is always chosen individually after careful consultation with the client. We use only quality attested foil. Attestation labels and certificates are granted.

KEEP YOUR CAR CLEANER, LONGER As everyone knows, esthetic upkeep on any vehicle is usually easier said than done. Routine maintenance is one thing, but sustaining a pristine appearance requires a certain level of devotion to car care, while only utilizing the best products available. We’ve experimented with a wide range of sealant options & coating systems but were never truly satisfied with the results or durability; then we found Gtechniq.

Do you have an exact idea? Or the opposite, you can not imagine your car with ads? Please contact us. We will propose you fresh and creative design for your car in the style of tuning, racing, rally, street, and any other process or design exactly to your liking. In this respect options are unlimited, because the foil can be printed with everything that comes to mind. Be original - imagination has no limits In cooperation with top design, we bring you new possibilities in automotive styling. The projects we make are built on solid foundations of our extensive experience, passion and inspiration that we have acquired during the past ten years in business. They have lead us to fully concentrate on complete wraps of which we have completed countless business transactions and are the leading specialists on our field.